IV Vitamin Therapy in Vancouver

IV Vitamin Therapy allows large doses of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other essential nutrients to be delivered right to the cells where they are needed most. Cellular metabolism can be kick-started to improve a variety of health concerns. In addition, IV Vitamin drips helps to prevent chronic illness through potent cellular anti-oxidation.

Giving your body the building blocks for optimal health allows you to maximize your time, energy, health and freedom.

  • Reduce Stress

    Improve your metabolism and weight management

  • Increase Productivity

    Enhanced stress management, focus, and clarity of mind

  • Boost Happiness

    Strengthen your immune system

IV Vitamin Services

IV Vitamin Therapy treatments are personalized based on your unique health profile, and are formulated in order to provide the maximum benefit to you. While the combination possibilities are endless, some of the most popular specialized formulations include:

  • Hormone Restoration

  • Heavy Metal Chelation

  • NAD+ Regenerate

  • Personalized & Customized IVs

  • Saline Hydration


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  • From $180 Delivered

    Express IV Vitamin Push

  • From $250 Delivered

    Custom IV Vitamin Drip

  • +10pp

    Customized corporate pricing available

Friendly Certified Team

Each physician is carefully screened for the appropriate credentials and licensure. We choose highly trained physicians who align with our mission and core values of bringing high quality care. Our team of physicians work hard to maximize your time, energy, health and freedom.

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